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  LM-2140W with Field Package
LM-2140W with Field Package

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Need something faster. Consider the newer BM210 Field Package. Same price, same panel, more features and capabilities!
Price: $2,995.00

Availability: Call for availability
Product Code: LM-2140W.FIELDPKG

The following items are included at no additional charge:

Battery Plate*:
Battery plates provide power to the monitor via D-Tap connection. See here for details: Battery Plate

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This bundled field package is a great way to save money and includes the following items:
  • LM-2140W: Flanders Scientific 21.5" Broadcast Monitor (without desktop stand)
  • CBH21: Carrying Bag with Integrated Hood for LM-2140W
  • CPC21: Clear Protective Screen Cover for LCD Panel
  • MM20: VESA to Light Stand Mount
The Flanders Scientific LM-2140W is a calibrated 21.5" Multi-Format broadcast monitor with 3G/HD/SD-SDI, Component, Composite, & DVI-I Inputs. This units features full 12-bit video processing and an 8-bit panel capable of reproducing over 16.7 million colors on screen. The LM-2140W is equipped with a native HD 1920x1080 resolution LCD panel and features a power efficient LED backlight offering long-term calibration stability.

This unit features many broadcast monitor basics like a Blue Only Mode, Monochrome Mode, Markers, Safety Areas, H/V Delay, and Tally Lights. Like all Flanders Scientific monitors the LM-2140W also comes standard with advanced features like 12 Selectable Scopes, Focus Assist, Time Code Display, Freeze Frame Picture and Picture, Audio Disembedding, Audio Level Meters, Artifact Free Pixel Zoom, Adjustable Exposure Check, On-screen Alarms, and Advanced Pixel Level Measurement. Best of all these ancillary features work across all inputs and formats ensuring that you get the most out of your monitor regardless of the source.

The LM-2140W supports virtually any signal format from NTSC/PAL to HD and 2K. Additionally, the LM-2140W features the same advanced video processing hardware found on our top of the line monitors ensuring that practically any broadcast standard signal, including interlaced and PsF formats, will be displayed accurately. Even advanced 12-bit, 4:4:4, and XYZ signal formats are all supported over the 3Gbps SDI (SMPTE 425M-AB) inputs. With support of both Level A and Level B 3Gbps SDI the LM-2140W is compatible with virtually all 3Gbps SDI sources and provides many advanced viewing modes for multiplexed (2 x SMPTE 292M) Level B signals as explained here.The LM-2140W features a full native HD 1920x1080 resolution IPS LCD panel with a power efficient white LED backlight. Additionally, this unit comes standard with 3Gbps/HD/SD-SDI, Component, Composite, and DVI-I Inputs for support of virtually any video format including NTSC/PAL, 4:4:4 signals, 2K, and 1080p50/60 sources. The LM-2140W is also capable of additional Level B 3Gbps SDI monitoring modes as explained here.

The CBH21 is a custom carrying case that provides ample protection for your monitor with a single piece honeycomb frame and foam padding coupled with a durable cordura and ballistic nylon exterior. This carrying bag also features a built in hood that can be used in both a 3 sided and 4 sided configuration for maximum shade in brighter environments.

The easy access zippered back panel provides quick access to the monitor as well as two large accessory pockets perfect for battery or cable storage. At the back of the monitor you will also find the adjustable back support leg that allows you to position the monitor for optimal viewing. This back support leg can also be lifted for access to the LM-2140Ws VESA mounting points, where the MM20 VESA to Light Stand Mount included as part of this field kit will be attached. Best of all the CBH21 has been designed with enough depth to allow you to leave the MM20 attached at all times, even when the bag is closed for transport.

The monitor is held in the bag with two quick release straps allowing the unit to be installed or removed from the bag quickly and easily. The straps feature a unique AccuSlide system allowing the straps to be positioned so as not to interfere with any input or power connectors.

The CBH21 comes with a removable padded shoulder strap for easy transportation. The case is also quite compact and at just 8.8 lbs is extraordinarily lightweight. The combined weight of the LM-2140W and CBH21 is just 17.8lbs, which is actually over half a pound lighter than a comparable configuration utilizing a 17 FSI monitor and similar Carrying Bag with Integrated Hood.

This is a clear protective cover for the front of the LM-2140W. The cover's primary function is to prevent damage to the LCD panel, especially from fingers that may poke and prod at the screen. The cover simply velcros (provided) to the front of the monitor and is easily removable. This realtively inexpensive clear cover is an easy way to safeguard the LCD panel and is much less expensive to replace if it gets scratched or damaged than replacing the LCD panel itself.

The CPC21 is made of a very neutral optical grade acrylic that is scratch resistant and extremely lightweight. The CPC21 cover is custom cut to fit onto the LM-2140W. We recommend the CPC21 for field use and onset applications, but not for edit suites.

The MM20 is a Lightweight VESA to 5/8" spigot adapter and is a perfect solution for mounting your LM-2140W, to a light stand for studio and on location shoots. This lightweight mount is adjustable with 2 pivot points allowing for quick and easy positioning of the monitor for ideal viewing. This mount ttaches directly to the VESA mounting points on the back of the monitor and to any 5/8" male spigot light stand.

This adapter is made of durable aircraft grade anodized aluminum and can support up to 40lbs of weight. Additionally, the mount folds up conveniently inside of the CBH21 so the mount does not have to removed during transport or when not in use.
Carrying Bag with Integrated Hood Product Overview
LM-2140W Product Overview Video
  • Lightweight: Complete package weighs less than 20 lbs (9kg)
    • Monitor: 9 lbs / CBH21: 8.8 lbs / MM20: 1 lb
  • Native 1920x1080 Resolution HD LCD Panel
  • 12 Bit Video Processing, 8 Bit LCD Panel (16.7 Million Colors)
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption: 28W@120nit, 37W@250nit
  • Standard 3Gbps SDI Inputs Included for Support of Advanced SMPTE 425M-AB Signals
  • 4:4:4 YCbCr, RGB, & XYZ Signal Support
  • Timecode Display (VITC 1, VITC2, LTC)
  • Automatic On-Screen Indication of Source Frame-rate & Resolution (toggle on, off, or 5 second display)
  • DSLR Zoom for Full Screen Scaling of DSLR Sources
  • On-Screen Alarms (IRE Threshold, RGB Alarms, Loss of Signal, Audio Mute, and more)
  • Adjustable Focus Assist (Focus Meter and Focus Highlight in Red)
  • Wide Variety of Standard Markers & Safety Areas
  • User Adjustable Custom Marker Feature
  • Pixel Zoom Feature - Adjustable Artifact-Free Zoom On Any Portion of HD Signal
  • CX Scale (video example): Full Screen and centered scaling of Codex ARRIRAW Recorder output
  • Active Video Boundary Marker
  • H/V Delay
  • Blue Only Mode
  • Monochrome Mode
  • HD Anamorphic De-Squeeze (1.3x, 2.0x, 2.0xMag)
  • AFD Reader
  • Overscan/1:1 scan
  • Freeze Frame Picture by Picture (Sub Window)
  • 12 Quickly Selectable Scopes (Display Up to 2 at the Same Time)
    • Luminance Waveform with Adjustable Intensity
    • Vector Scope with Adjustable Intensity and Gain Expansion
    • Hue Vector Scope with Adjustable Reference Vector
    • Color Coded RGB Parade with Adjustable Intensity
    • Color Coded GBR Parade with Adjustable Intensity
    • RGB Overlay with Adjustable Intensity
    • Column Scope Showing Min/Max YRGB Range
    • Histogram, Color Histogram, & RGB Histogram Scopes
    • YCbCr Scope with Adjustable Intensity
    • YCbCr Overlay Scope with Adjustable Intensity
    • Audio Phase Meter (Select Any Stereo Pair of Embedded Audio Channels)
  • Audio Disembedding to Built-In Speakers or Audio Output
  • 16 Channel Audio Level Meters
  • Color Temperature Selection
  • Gamma Selection (1.0~2.8) as well as C-Log and S-Log monitoring modes
  • SD Aspect Ratio Selection (Anamorphic/4:3)
  • Advanced Pixel Level Measurement Feature
  • 3D Signal Analysis Modes for multiplexed Level B 3Gbps SDI signals
    • Left Eye Only
    • Right Eye Only
    • Picture and Picture
    • Horizontal Split with Adjustable Split Position
    • Vertical Split with Adjustable Split Position,
    • 3D Disparity
    • 3D Line by Line
    • 3D Checkerboard with Adjustable Checkerboard Size
    • *The LM-2140W is not a 3D display, these modes are strictly diagnostic modes for 3D signal analysis.
  • Exposure Level Indication with LUM Coloring feature
  • Remotely Controlled Tally Lights (Red/Green/Amber)
  • Camera Record Status Indication triggered by Camera SDI Flag
  • AC (100~240V) and DC (12V 4PIN XLR) Power Connectors
  • Durable Diecast Aluminum Frame
The following Scope Modes are available on all inputs (any 2 may be viewed simultaneously):

*Audio Phase Meter only on HD/SD-SDI sources.

Audio Level Meter Feature:
Allows up to 16 channels of audio to be monitored on screen. These will be displayed at the top of the screen or can be viewed at the bottom of the screen simultaneously with the Waveform/Vector Scope feature.



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