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Shipping Charges FSI Monitor Update Cable
Price: $9.95
Monitor Update Cable
Use this item to pay for service and/or return shipping charges. Please click on 'Add To Cart' and enter the total provided by FSI's service department on the checkout page. FSI Monitor Update Cable
Long (7ft.) FSI Monitor Update Cable CFE Board Upgrade for LM-2450W
Price: $19.95
Price: $295.00
Monitor Update Cable - 7ft
Long (7ft.) FSI Monitor Update Cable This optional upgrade allows owners of LM-2450W monitors to add the advanced 64x64x64 Matrix 3D LUT Color Fidelity Engine. This update is equivalent to turning your LM-2450W into an LM-2460W.
Upgrade Path 2 for LM-2460W Owners (3Gbps)
Price: $995.00
3Gbps SDI Upgrade Path for LM-2460W
Upgrade Path 2 for LM-2460W owners. Special 3Gbps SDI upgrade pricing for LM-2460W owners.