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DM Series

Reference Displays for Production, Post, and Broadcast

DM series monitors are purpose built for critical image evaluation in any professional environment. Zero Delay processing mode makes DM series monitors an ideal choice for applications requiring instantaneous video processing speed and the CFE3 Color Fidelity Engine allows for realtime LUT manipulation and second screen output.


Advanced dual-channel color management device designed for both color critical post production environments and demanding on set color management applications.

XM Series

XM series monitors are designed for color critical monitoring of 4K, UHD, and HD signals. 12G/6G/3G/HD SDI inputs and outputs ensure compatibility with virtually any SDI interface.

Available in 31", 55", & 65"

BM Series

BM series monitors feature 12 bit video processing, 8 bit panels, live side by side viewing of multiple inputs, and our CFE2 Color Fidelity Engine for high color accuracy and LUT Import capability.

Available in sizes from 9" - 23"

AM Series

AM series monitors offer a new level of affordability in accurate and capable broadcast monitoring. Featuring 12 bit video processing, 8 & 10 bit panels, and our CFE Color Fidelity Engine for high color accuracy.

Available in sizes from 21" - 55"